Special sessions accepted

Session names
Advances in Open Video Codecs
Autonomous Vehicle Vision (AVVision)
Methodologies for Considering Interactivity and Interactions in Visual QoE Asessment
eXplainable AI in Biomedical Image Processing
Geometric Methods and Geometry related Deep Learning for Image Processing
Green Visual Feature Representation Learning
High-throughput Image based Phenotyping
Learning-Based Quality Prediction for Advanced Media
Machine Learning for Computational Imaging in Earth Sciences
Multimedia Forensics and Security in Deep Learning Era
Neuromorphic and perception-based image acquisition and analysis
Real-world point cloud compression and enhancement
Quality Assessment for Medical Imaging
SCENA: Simplification, Compression and Efficiency with Neural networks and Artificial intelligence
Analysis of Aerial Motion Imagery
Towards Practicable Deep Learning Algorithms for Moving Object Detection for Challenging Environments
Trustworthy neural networks for image/video analysis
Vascular Image Analysis